My adventures in building a brick oven in my backyard
October 2004

View from the backyard.

Thursday 09/23/04 Home Depot Delivery. Two pallets of concrete block and a bunch of rebar.

Saturday 10/02/04 Putting 5/8 rebar down in 90 degree weather is not that pleasant.

Saturday 10/02/04 Making sure the vertical rebar will fit inside the cores of the concrete block.

Saturday 10/09/04 Fifty percent done.

Saturday 10/09/04 When all was set and done, a total of 41 bags of concrete went into the foundation. That is 3,280lbs (1,488Kg) of concrete.

Saturday 10/09/04 Shiny is good

Saturday 10/09/04 Voila, finished.

Sunday 10/10/04 Maybe it will grow...
Keeping the concrete from drying to fast.

Saturday 10/16/04 Laying out the blocks at 11am. Looks easy enough.

Saturday 10/16/04 I defenitely underestimated the amount of work required in erecting a block wall. By the time this picture was taken my back was killing me.

Saturday 10/16/04 Putting the lentils in place demanded a combination of brute force and delicate manoeuvring. These things are HEAVY!
Deviation from the Alan Scott plans: I went with pre-cast concrete lentils.

Sunday 10/17/04 Job well done. Next week: more concrete...
Deviation from the Alan Scott plans: I opted to have a division wall between the ash slot  space and the wood storage space. The entry in the back will be used for the dry wood.

Saturday 10/23/04 Moving along pretty quickly.

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Saturday 10/23/04 More rebar.

Saturday 10/23/04 More concrete.

Saturday 10/23/04 All concrete has been poured and little verticle pieces of rebar were added to support a future wall of 4 X 8 block.

Saturday 10/23/04 The concrete blocks in the middle and the wood on the sides will hold the backer board. The blocks in the back will be removed later.
Deviation from the Alan Scott plans: For some reason I felt better having a backer board underneath he insulation slab which would rest on the concrete division wall and NOT be removed later. I guess I wanted some kind of support. Not sure yet if I regret doing this :)
Update (11/23/2005): I don't regret it.

Saturday 10/23/04 Gene Paul is making cutouts so the form can be easily removed after the hearth slab is poured.

Saturday 10/23/04 The form fit perfectly. Next week: More concrete (insulation and hearth slab).
Deviation from the Alan Scott plans: As you can see I did not make indentations in the concrete for the rebar. Because I had plenty of extra rebar, I just ended up putting 2 rows of rebar underneath the ends that weren't resting on the concrete.

Sunday 10/31/04 Four cubic feet in each hand and still smiling.

Sunday 10/31/04 The vermiculite is mixed with cement 6:1. This will make up the insulation slab.

Sunday 10/31/04 Two inches of insulation.

Sunday 10/31/04 Making sure the rebar doesn't stick out too much.

Sunday 10/31/04 And yes, more concrete.

Sunday 10/31/04 Done for the day. Next weekend: FIREBRICKS!

Want more detail? Consider getting the
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