KitchenAid StandMixer Professional 600 Series - Repair

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series
6 quart mixing bowl & 575 Watts

Cinnamon Red

This is how it looks without the cover. Only had to remove 4 screws.

Very simple.

Oh Oh, first problem. Something cracked, but what is it called?
It's hard to locate parts online without knowing what to look for.
I tried the KitchenAid
website but that was no good.
None of their manuals had a parts list.

After some creative Google searches, I learned that I had a cracked "Gear Housing"

When I took off the Gear Housing, this is what I saw.

I was very happy to see that it didn't look too complicated.
Please note that this picture was taken after I removed excessive amounts of grease from the gears.

As suspected, one of the gears looked stripped (circled on the right)
It took me at least another 30 minutes to realize that I had another problem:
Something broke off of something (circled on the left)
Again, same problem: I knew something broke, just didn't know what to call it.
Anyway, a little bit of research taught me that I had a broken "Front Bearing" and a stripped "Worm Gear".

Closeup of the stripped Worm Gear and an intact Rear End Bearing.

Luckily, it was pretty easy to remove the Worm Gear and Bearings.
It's really unbelievable how much grease is on and around these gears.
I get the sense that it pretty much impossible to have too much grease.
In this picture, probably 75% of the grease had been removed.

I was able to locate 2 places on the internet that sold lots of KitchenAid StandMixer parts. and
Both have comparable prices but I went with because of their name.

Gear Housing.

Gear Housing Gasket.

Worm Gear.

Front End Bearing

Benalene aka Food Grade Machine Grease


This weekend I will try to put it all together.
I'm feeling pretty confident I will be victorious.

Update 04/21/2009:
I just realized that I never gave an update on my attempt to fix the KitchenAid. Although I forgot to take pictures during the repair, I'm glad to report that the mixer has been up and running ever since.

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