My adventures in building a brick oven in my backyard
January 2005

Sunday 01/09/05 After several weekends of building inactivity, I decided it was time to lay some bricks again. Three courses around the chimney flue.

Saturday 01/15/05 The chimney is now officially done.

Sunday 01/15/05 I also moved most of the wood underneath the oven to keep it dry.

Sunday 01/16/05 Small strips of plywood were attached to all sides.

Sunday 01/16/05 The wood allows the tile to set without slipping down. It also ensures that the tiles are laid in one straight line.

Sunday 01/16/05 Ta-daa...

Saturday 02/05/05 It took me about 2 hours to remove the plywood and put on a layer of stucco on the concrete blocks.

Saturday 02/12/05 I picked up a bucket of hand made terracotta tiles from my father-in-law's house.

Saturday 02/12/05 The plywood form helped me make a diamond shape without running the risk of the tiles gradually sliding down.

Saturday 02/12/05 A dash of thin-set mortar and ...

Saturday 02/12/05 Each column has the same tile motif on both sides.

Sunday 02/13/05 Once I removed the plywood forms, I added the last tile at the bottom. I used some duct tape to keep the bottom tile from slipping as it dries.

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