My adventures in building a brick oven in my backyard
February 2005 & Beyond

Monday 02/14/05 On Monday morning I removed the duct tape and .... tadaa.

Monday 02/14/05 A total of 24 tiles were used.

Saturday 02/19/05 The stucco on the left corner is now pretty much finished. I still have to do the right side.

Saturday 03/03/05 All there is left to do is: Prime and paint all the stucco, acid clean the red bricks and clean up the yard.

April 2005 I applied 2 coates of primer.

May 2005 I applied 2 coates of Elastomeric paint. This paint can stretch up to 40% which comes in very handy when you have a structure that expands and contracts every time it's heated up.

May 2005 I still have to do the acid cleaning of the bricks and put some grout in between the tiles. Other than that, it's pretty much done.

May 2005 Next project: Clean up the yard and do some land scaping.

We turned these stainless steel scraps into a very useful coal/ash rake.

It took us a while to find somebody who could weld stainless steel but our quest paid off. I bought the brush from an online pizza place.

November 2006: We finally decided to get semi serious with our landscaping efforts.

November 2006: Step one, bury PVC piping for water and electricity in the ground and make the ground flat.

November 2006:  Step two, sit back and relax. These guys were cheap, good and fast.

November 2006: 3 hours later.

January 2007: PVC piping coming up from underneath the patio.
I also anchored a chainlink fence pipe into the ground with concrete. This pipe will fit within the lamp post I'm planning to install. This will ensure that the lamp post is kept away from ground moisture to avoid rusting.

January 2007: Ready to install the black box. The box will serve as a housing unit for all electrical and water connections. If we're lucky, it will also double as some kind of counter to put drinks on. We'll see...
PS:This is my boss helping me pull 80ft of electrical wire through the PVC piping.

January 2007: Have a peek inside my box. Preasure treated wood, painted with tar and finally backer board attached to it. This thing will probably outlive me.

January 2007: This is how it looks from the front. The marking on the backer board will help me guide with tiling later. You'll see.

January 2007

January 2007: Finally some plants.

January 2007: Look familiar? Had some left over tiles...

January 2007:  We thought the exposed tree roots would look cool in a sea of river rock. We hope you agree. As you can see, we also installed an electical box on the tree.

January 2007:  Tiling the top of the electrical box

January 2007:  This looks like something you can put a beer on.

January 2007: Electrical box with beer. Also preparing the box for extra layers of stucco.

January 2007:  Added some trim to the opening. At some point, I will install a door on it. I'm sure it will take me another year to do that.

January 2007:  What's a water line without a faucet?

January 2007: Stucco is all done. Still have to grout the tiles and paint the box.

February 2007: This is how the backyard looks in the evening. The night this particular picture was taken, we had about 75 neighbors over and made a whopping 61 pizzas.

February 2007: same night (before the crowd arrived)

February 2007: same night. People stood in line for over an hour to make their own pizzas. It was an absolute blast!

Hope you enjoyed watching the building process.

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August Vanderdonckt

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