The Brick Oven World Map Project

Ever wondered if somebody in your vicinity has a brick oven? Wonder no more!
If you have an oven of your own and have not added yourself to the map, please add yourself.
If you are planning on building your own oven but have not started yet, add yourself to the map and you can update it with pictures as you progress.

The map is interactive so you can click on markers, zoom in or out, scroll up/down - left/right. Pretty cool stuff.

Please note that the map below does not show every oven that has been added. As of right now, it only shows 50. 

To see every oven, please go to the Brick Oven Map  site and then select to have all markers shown. The Brick Oven Map site also gives you the functionality  to contact people on the map directly and to submit as many pictures as you want.
Brick Oven Tampa site